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Secret GPS transmitter -
your property in your sight

With the help of your CheckGPS device, be always sure about the location of your property!

The device works autonomously and updates position regularly


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Miniature device


Your CheckGPS device can be easily hidden thanks to its compact size, negligible weight and inconspicuous design.







No wires or cables


100% reachability


If GPS is not available, the location of your device will be determined by GPRS. The device features an international SIM card, that will send coordinates from any place in the world.


Easy to hide


It is very hard for thieves to find or even identify the device. Thanks to sleep mode, the device cannot be identified by any signal detector. This technology is produced in Latvia and is not known to thieves.



Maximum safety


The body of the device ranks as the IP67 class, which ensures its durability against water and shock, therefore this device is suitable for ATV's, offroaders as well as different forms of water transport.




The device works autonomously for 2 years without charging.






Notifications via SMS and email with the location of your device get sent in case of the following: territory trespass, impact level, battery level as well as an update of the position of your device every 24h by default




Depending on necessity, it is possible to manufacture different form and color casings of the CheckGPS device.






With the CheckGPS built-in accelerometer, in case of a strong impact or fall, it will immediately send a notification along with the coordinates.


Advanced triangulation


CheckGPS has 3 different kinds of methods to determine the exact location of your device.




Linked network


You can use your CheckGPS device in conjunction with other devices, the phone tracker app or the GPS in your car.


CheckGPS app

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CheckGPS web system

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In cases when GPS is blocked, GSM is used to determine coordinates

CheckGPS device







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